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My name is Lasse Bartelsen, also known as prodlasse. Im a 20 year old creative based in Denmark.

Being creative and making visual ideas and dreams come true, has always been a thing that i can't let go of. My heart is filled with creativity.

My journey started young. When i was in school, i was constantly drawing or thinking about creative solutions. Sketching new logo ideas for my own school in 5th grade and so on. It eventually evolved as the years went on and in 2016, i got through to the finals of the Danish Championships in Digital Drawing. Which was completely unreal to me.

After getting into the championships, i felt like i wanted to change my path, so i started making graphics and videos for friends who made music or streamed on Twitch. I felt at home. So i kept going and going.

I learned new things and almost got addicted to learning new methods and skills. So i eventually made it my ultimate goal to be the one guy, people could come to if they needed anything done visually. So i kept practicing and practicing my crafts.

Now i can confidently say that i can offer services as Graphic Design, 3D Art, Motion Graphics, Clothing Design, Video Editing, Photography, Music Production, Mixing/Mastering and so on.

Which got me the opportunity to work with clients such as Netflix, Universal, Sony, Mobb Deep and some of the biggest artists and streamers in Denmark.

My journey is far from complete, but im enjoying every single step.


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